• Presentazione della Garden Shell e dello Studio Uptown Muse all'Aranciera dell'Orto Botanico di Roma
  • Il dream team dell'Istituto Barbara Rizzo
  • Al lavoro coi ragazzi di Architettura del Paesaggio de La Sapienza Università di Roma
  • La prima Garden Shell Indoor
  • Garden Shell al Parco di Tor Fiscale, Appia Antica, Ecomuseo Via Latina


We are an Italian based team of Landscape Architects. Our strategy for Urban regeneration combines Architecture with Forestry, Biology and Engineering. 
The water-based circular design is our goal. We are active in Landscape art and architecture, Urban Agricolture 4.0, Forestation, in other words: Sustainability!

The Muses



Designer, Landscaper, Writer. Founder and Senior at Uptown Muse Landscape Studio.



Architect, Bio-architecture and Feng Shui Specialist. Senior at Uptown Muse Landscape Studio.

ginevra heusch


Architect graduating, Garden lover, Public Speaker. Senior Architect at Uptown Muse Studio.

Salvatore gerardi


Mechanical Engineer, Data Intelligence and Decision-making strategist, Startupper.

valerio mannelli


Geographist. Data Analizer and GIS consultant at Uptown Muse Studio.



Landscape and Environment students, training at Uptown Muse Studio.

Modular and scalable Product Design
Green tech innovation

Circular design concept

A minimal water garden where you can grow food and develope biodiversity, without any global footprint. The shell stores and phytodepure rainwater, in order to reuse it in hydroponics. The process of the garden shell begins with water, where life begins, and produces zero waste, It runs a process of natural purification that has as its principle theuse of aquatic plants as agents of purification of polluted water.
The needed electricity is powered by the plants and/or solar.


A Water-based Circular Garden

The Garden Shell wins the "OTHER GARDENS" award at the Green and Landscape Festival, on May 15, 2022 in Rome, "for the fantasy of placing greenery on real boats, almost creating a moving garden that can land in different places, consisting of both from aquatic plants and from hydroponic horticultural crops with the intention of creating a Garden: an autonomous environment based on the reuse of water "...


R&D of new technologies and applications in renewable energy field, combined with architectural green devices (green rooftops, living walls, green facade, bio-pools + clean energy) + smart agriculture 4.0 → circular and resilient cities!

Environmental Education

Environmental education is the key for a transition towards a green lifestyle. Schools must provide students with green skills to face the future. We teach open to all webinars & courses. Special focus on Schools. Master class for Architects and Designers. 

Urban Forestry Restoration

Deep tech is based on scientific advances and discoveries, standing at the technological forefront by constant interaction with new ideas and results from the lab. Life-science, food & agri-tech, energy and clean-tech are our guiding principles.

Floracult 2023 Event

2022 World Water Day

We protect the environment and defend the waters from pollution. Can you imagine a lifeless planet? Can you imagine a garden without land? Our Landscape Architects Studio offers nature-based solutions to the challenges of environmental sustainability. The beauty of our world is unparalleled. We are creatures and creators of this wonderful show.

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